Protected areas of Moldova

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Scientific nature reserves and national parks of Moldova

Protected areas of Moldova include following categories:[1]

  • Scientific nature reserves (rom. rezervații științifice) – currently 5 reserves covering an area of 19379 ha. They are equivalent to IUCN category Ia (strict nature reserve).
  • National parks – currently there’s one national park, created in 2013 Orhei National Park (rom. Parcul Național Orhei) [2]
  • Nature monuments (rom. monumente ale naturii)
  • Nature reserves (rom. rezervații naturale)
  • Landscape reserves (rom. rezervații peisagistice)
  • Resource reserves (rom. rezervații de resurse)
  • Areas with multifunctional management (rom. Arii cu management multifuncțional)
  • Wetlands of international importance (rom. Zone umede de importanță internațională)
  • Dendrological gardens (rom. grădini dendrologice)
  • Landscape architecture monuments (rom. monumente de arhitectură peisajeră)
  • Zoological garden in Chișinău (rom. Grădina Zoologică din Chișinău)

National park[edit]

  National park listed in UNESCO World Heritage
  National park included in UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Programme
Name Location
Year of
Year of
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Orhei National Park Orhei, Strășeni, Călărași, Criuleni 33792,09 2008 2013 Orhei Vechi, Moldova - Flickr - Dave Proffer (12).jpg -

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