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Pyotr Petrovich Bulakhov (Петр Петрович Булахов; 1822 in Moscow – 2 December 1885 in Kuskovo) was a Russian composer.[1]

His father: singer Pyotr Alexandrovich Bulakhov (ru: Петр Александрович Булахов, (1793?–1837), his brother: singer and composer Pavel Petrovich Bulakhov (ru: Павел Петрович Булахов, 1824–1875).

His daughter was the opera singer Yevgeniya Ivanovna Zbruyeva (1867?–1936).[2] (the composer did not formally issued a religious marriage with his wife, so both their daughters were officially daughters of their mother first husband and were under his name.)

Two of his songs were set as piano transcriptions by Franz Liszt. An unidentified "Bohemian Song" was arranged as "Chanson bohémienne", No. 2 of Deux Mélodies Russes, S.250 (1842–43). The song "You Will Not Believe" ("Ты не поверишь") was arranged for solo piano as Russischer Galop, S.478 (1843).[3]


His many popular songs include:

  • Shine, Shine, My Star
  • Do Not Awaken Memories
  • Don't Wake Me Up
  • I Met You
  • In the Wide-Open Field
  • A dainty mouth pursed in anger
  • No, I Do Not Love You
  • On parting she spoke
  • Over the Fields, the Clean Fields
  • The Rendezvous
  • The Troika Speeds, the Troika Gallops


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