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Qom Metro
Qom Metro Logo.PNG
Native nameمتروی قم/ Metro-ye Qom
OwnerQom Municipality
LocaleQom, Qom
Transit typeRapid transit
WebsiteUrban Railway Organization
System lengthLine A: 14 km
Line M: 7 km
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
(standard gauge)
System Map

Qom Metro map-Plan-geo.png

Qom Metro is a metro system serving the city of Qom, Iran. A monorail line with a length of 7 km and 8 stations, and a metro line with a length of 14 km and 14 stations are currently under construction. An extension of the Monorail, plus two other brand new metro lines are being considered as part of future plans


Line M[edit]

Line M of Qom metro is currently under construction. This is the monorail line of the city. The line was originally planned to span the whole city East-West, but it was cut to its current length, with the extension saved for further consideration later. The line connects Fatima Masumeh Shrine to locations upstream and downstream of Qom River.

Line A[edit]

Line A of Qom metro is an actual underground metro line currently under construction, due for opening in March 2019. The line has a length of14 km, and 14 stations, extending from the Northern edge of the city, passing through near Qom railway station, near Fatima Masumeh Shrine, and further south, terminating at Jamkaran Mosque.

Other lines[edit]

Two other metro lines are being considered for construction.

Expansion plans of Qom Metro

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