Różanka Rose Garden

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A concert in Różanka
Sculpture of flying geese by Kurt Schwerdtfeger (1897-1966)

The rose garden in Szczecin, Różanka (known until 1945 in German as Staudengarten, Rosengarten), is a two-hectare garden founded in the Łękno area (German Westend) in 1928 in commemoration of the World Gardening Exhibition. In 1935, the Bird Well was built and it included sculptures of flying geese by Kurt Schwerdtfeger. The garden survived World War II and until the 1970s was a public recreational place in Szczecin. Due to lack of funding for its maintenance, the garden gradually began to deteriorate and in 1983 was put under the care of the Roman Catholic Church. Since 2005 it has been maintained by the City Council.

In 2006-2007 the garden was reconstructed in the style of the garden in the 1930s. This was carried out and funded by the City Council. The work was completed on 20 April 2007, after which over nine thousand roses of 99 varieties were planted. Apart from the flowers there are also exotic trees and shrubs planted at the time of the establishment of the garden. These include such trees as chestnut, Amur cork, apple, cherry, American hornbeam, maple and Serbian spruce (which is found only in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina).

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