Røra Station

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Røra Station

Røra stasjon
Railway station
Rora Station 1.jpg
View of the station
Coordinates63°51′27″N 11°24′06″E / 63.857512°N 11.401619°E / 63.857512; 11.401619Coordinates: 63°51′27″N 11°24′06″E / 63.857512°N 11.401619°E / 63.857512; 11.401619
Elevation51.5 metres (169 ft) above sea level
Owned byBane NOR
Operated byNorges Statsbaner
Distance105.47 kilometres (65.54 mi)
Opened1905 (1905)
Røra Station is located in Trøndelag
Røra Station
Røra Station
Location within Trøndelag
Røra Station is located in Norway
Røra Station
Røra Station
Røra Station (Norway)

Røra Station (Norwegian: Røra stasjon) is a railway station located in the village of Røra in the municipality of Inderøy in Trøndelag county, Norway. The station is located along the Nordlandsbanen railway line. It serves the entire municipality of Inderøy, though there is no corresponding bus service. The station is only served by the Trøndelag Commuter Rail service that goes between Steinkjer and Trondheim.[1]


The station was built as part of the Hell–Sunnan Line. It opened on 15 November 1905 along with the rest of the line north of Verdal. Originally the station was named Salberg, but it was renamed Røra on 1 August 1918. The station cost 51,130 kr. As one of only two stations on the Hell–Sunnanbanen line, it was not custom designed, but is a standard design. In 1977, the signaling system was automated and remote controlled. The station has been completely unmanned since 2003.[2]

At the time of construction the only settlement at Røra was located at Hylla, along the coast. But the site chosen for its location near the Salberg Church. Since then, the Hellemshaugen housing development, a grocery store, a school, and other public facilities have been built near the station, making it a very urban area.[3]


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