Rab cake

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Rab cake
Place of originCroatia
Region or stateRab
Main ingredientsAlmonds and Maraschino liqueur

The Rab cake (Croatian: Rapska torta) is a traditional Croatian cake which originates from the Adriatic island of Rab. Its main ingredients are almonds and Maraschino liqueur and it is traditionally baked in the shape of a spiral, although today several shapes are popular.


According to legend, this cake was first served in 1177 to Pope Alexander III when he consecrated the Assumption Cathedral in Rab.[1] The cake was then prepared by nuns from the monastery of Saint Anthony and later by Benedictines from the monastery of Saint Andrew.[1] Rab cake became a delicacy reserved for wealthy families and aristocrats living on the island of Rab in the time when Rab was a part of the Venetian Republic. Today, Rab cake is prepared only for festive occasions like weddings, baptisms, etc. It is also a very popular souvenir because it has a shelf life of about two months.[citation needed]

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