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Radio Nueva Vida
TypeRadio network
United States
AvailabilityNationwide through translators and HD Radio
OwnerThe Association for Community Education, Inc.
Launch date
WebcastListen live
Official website
Radio Nueva Vida

Radio Nueva Vida (New Life) is a Spanish-language Christian radio network based in Camarillo, California, United States. It is owned and operated by The Association for Community Education, Inc., a California non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1987. The Radio Nueva Vida network of stations broadcasts across the US via a satellite provider as well as over the Internet.


Radio Nueva Vida began broadcasting on January 18, 1987 after building radio station KMRO (90.3 FM) in Camarillo, California. In 1996, additional full-service stations were added to the network to serve Bakersfield and Kern County (KGZO, 90.9 FM), and Fresno and surrounding counties (KEYQ, 980 AM). It added additional FM repeater stations, which cover the California communities of Salinas, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, Victorville, Indio, Palm Springs, Soledad, Los Banos, the San Fernando Valley, Colton, Coachella, Desert Center, Lancaster, Santa Barbara, King City, and Santa Maria, as well as Redmond, Oregon.

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In 2000 and 2001, Nueva Vida underwent a major expansion acquiring three full-power AM stations, all in California, that had been broadcasting in English. They were KLTX (1390 AM) in Long Beach/Los Angeles, KEZY (1240 AM) in Riverside/San Bernardino, and KSDO (1130 AM) in San Diego. All three stations had been owned by major corporations: KLTX and KEZY by Salem Communications and KSDO by Chase Media with a joint sales agreement with Clear Channel Communications. Unlike the majority of Nueva Vida's stations which are licensed as non-commercial educational, the new stations have commercial licenses, held by a for-profit arm of the organization, which allow them to accept advertisements in order to help pay the cost of operation.

After Educational Media Foundation (EMF) discontinued its affiliation with God's Country Radio Network in November 2010, EMF switched most of those stations to Radio Nueva Vida.

Programming and publication[edit]

Radio Nueva Vida's programming format consists of Christian music and talk in Spanish. Its 'In House' programs target the Hispanic community and its current needs. The Sembrador Informativo is the monthly newsletter mailed to its supporters and listeners.

Means of support[edit]

Radio Nueva Vida, a non-profit organization, is listener supported in a manner similar to that of public radio stations. Its listener-supporters are called Sembradores (Seed Sowers). Sembradores are recruited twice a year in pledge drives by the station, though listeners may donate at any time. There is no minimum amount of money required to become a Sembrador; any amount is accepted and all donors are encouraged to contribute whatever they can.


Radio Nueva Vida has produced a number of large gatherings entitled: Encounters with God at The Forum in Los Angeles, El Toreo of Tijuana, and in Bakersfield, Fresno, San Bernardino, and San Diego.

Station list[edit]

Below is a complete list of stations as provided by the Radio Nueva Vida website[1]. Note that some call letters and frequencies listed may reference an HD Radio subchannel which airs the Radio Nueva Vida programming as opposed to the primary signal itself.

Full Power Stations

Call sign Frequency
City of license ERP
Class FCC info
KKLQ 100.3-3 FM Los Angeles, CA 5,400 B KKLQ FCC
KKLJ 100.1 FM Julian, CA 110 A KKLJ FCC
KSSX 95.7-2 FM Carlsbad, CA 28,000 B KSSX FCC
KARW 97.9-2 FM Salinas, CA 4,500 B1 KARW FCC
KEYQ 980 AM Fresno, CA 500/48 D KEYQ FCC
KGZO 90.9 FM Bakersfield, CA 1,900 B KGZO FCC
KMRO 90.3 FM Camarillo, CA 10,500 B KMRO FCC
KNVE 91.3 FM Redding, CA 110 A FCC
KLVM 88.9-3 FM Santa Cruz, CA 1,250 B KLVM FCC
KDRH 91.3 FM King City, CA 450 A FCC
KLXB 105.1-3 FM Bermuda Dunes, CA 2,050 A KLXB FCC
WGCN 90.5 FM Nashville, GA 50,000 C2 FCC
WNKV 91.1 FM Norco, LA 4,700 A FCC
KGCN 91.7 FM Roswell, NM 3,500 A FCC
WKFV 107.3-3 FM Clinton, NC 9,200 C3 WKFV FCC
WDPS 89.5 FM Dayton, OH 6,000 A FCC
WSGR 88.3 FM Portsmouth, OH 1,700 B1 FCC
KGCL 90.9 FM Jordan Valley, OR 21,500 C0 KGCL FCC
KLMD 101.1-3 FM Talent, OR 5,500 C2 FCC
KXPC 90.3 FM Welches, OR 235 C3 FCC
WNVU 89.7 Charles City, VA 10,000 B1 WNVU FCC
WARW (FM) 96.7 HD3 Port Chester, NY 3,100 A WARW (FM) FCC


Call sign Frequency
City of license ERP
Class FCC info
K204GE 88.7 FM Fairbanks, AK 5 D FCC
K253AD 98.5 FM Oceanside, CA 250 D FCC
K217EF 91.3 FM Desert Center, CA 10 D FCC
K217CQ 91.3 FM Salinas, CA 10 D FCC
K217EZ 91.3 FM Coachella, CA 10 D FCC
K228FD 93.5 FM Monterey, CA 99 D FCC
K211DK 90.1 FM Santa Ana, CA 10 D FCC
K210EW 89.9 FM Rosamond, CA 250 D FCC
K209FV 89.7 FM Los Banos, CA 10 D FCC
K295AI 106.9 FM Muscoy, CA 7 D FCC
K275CE 102.9 FM Modesto, CA 70 D FCC
K269EW 101.7 FM Santa Maria, CA 10 D FCC
K251AH 98.1 FM Grand Terrace, CA 8 D FCC
K242CR 96.3 FM Palmdale, CA 10 D FCC
K242BR 96.3 FM Indio, CA 10 D FCC
K241CL 96.1 FM Fresno, CA 200 D FCC
K240AK 95.9 FM Soledad, CA 27 D FCC
K235BX 94.9 FM Calexico, CA 27 D FCC
K219DK 91.7 FM Victorville, CA 10 D FCC
W269BJ 101.7 FM Valdosta, GA 8 D FCC
W206CE 89.1 FM DeKalb, IL 250 D FCC
K218DL 91.5 FM Scottsbluff, NE 23 D FCC
W247BS 97.3 FM Hope Mills, NC 250 D FCC
K240CZ 95.9 FM Tigard, OR 19 D FCC
K216DR 91.1 FM Central Point, OR 10 D FCC
K268GF 101.5 FM Ashland, OR 53 D FCC


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