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Queen Wilhelmina speaking on Radio Oranje

Radio Oranje ([ˈraːdijoː ˌoːˈrɑn.jə]; Dutch: "Radio Orange") was a Dutch-language radio programme on the BBC European Service managed by the Dutch government-in-exile and broadcast to the occupied Netherlands during World War II. It was broadcast from London, and was broadcast for 15 minutes at 9PM each day.

The first broadcast occurred on 28 July 1940, when Queen Wilhelmina made a speech. In total, Wilhelmina spoke on Radio Oranje 34 times during the course of the war.


See also[edit]

  • Radio Vrij Nederland [nl] - (Radio Free Netherlands) Radio Oranje's short-lived predecessor which broadcast from Paris in 1940.
  • Radio Herrijzend Nederland [nl] - The service which eventually replaced Radio Oranje, operating from temporary studios in the liberated southern portion of the country in 1944/45.
  • Radio Belgique - the Belgian equivalent programme
  • Radio Londres - the Free French version


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