Raft Cove Provincial Park

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A full moon halo lights up Raft Cove Beach.

Raft Cove Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, located south of San Josef Bay on northwestern Vancouver Island.


The park was established 1990.


Raft Cove contains features characteristic of the Nahwitti Lowland Landscape such as rounded hills, poorly drained areas, rugged coastline and western hemlock and western red cedar forests. Other park features include a river estuary and a long spit and crescent-shaped sandy beach. Raft Cove is home to a significant population of black bears, who forage along the creek beds and beach in the park. Wolves, cougars, black-tailed deer, raccoons, river otters, red squirrels and a variety of bird species can also be found in the area.


The following recreational activities are available: backcountry camping, hiking, swimming and board surfing in the heavy surf. The ocean currents are too rough for windsurfing opportunities but board-surfing at Raft Cove is becoming increasingly popular with surfers trying to find new surfing challenges and opportunities. The remoteness of this park, along with good waves, makes it a great place to surf without a lot of other people.


Raft Cove Provincial Park is located on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island, 65 kilometres southwest of Port Hardy, British Columbia.


670 hectares in size.

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Coordinates: 50°35′00″N 128°14′00″W / 50.58333°N 128.23333°W / 50.58333; -128.23333