Rai Radio Trst A

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Rai Radio Trst A is an Italian radio station aimed to the Slovene listeners in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and broadcast by the state broadcaster RAI.

The station is based in Trieste and is available locally on FM, MW frequencies and through RAI's DVB-T network. From 19:35 till 07:00 RAI Radio Tutta Italiana is broadcast on Rai Radio Trst A.


Founded in 1931 as Radio Trieste - Radio Trst, subsequently renamed as Radio Küstenland - Radio Litorale Adriatico - Primorski radio during World War II and finally as Radio Trieste Libera - Radio Svobodni Trst in May 1945, after the arrival of the Yugoslav People's Army and then handled by the Allied military administration. Afterwards the station was refounded and started to broadcast its programming on the same old frequencies, and relayed also the BBC programmes in Italian, Slovene and Croatian languages. Since 1954 the station has been managed by RAI.

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