Raja Ka Tal

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Raja Ka Tal
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Coordinates25°10′N 79°31′E / 25.17°N 79.52°E / 25.17; 79.52Coordinates: 25°10′N 79°31′E / 25.17°N 79.52°E / 25.17; 79.52
Basin countriesIndia

Raja Ka Tal is a reservoir built by Senapati, the grandson of Maharaja Chhatrasal, in 1707. It is locally known as Bara Tal.

This town is located to National Highway 19(India) . Population of this town is more than 10000.

All modern facility's are available in Raja Ka Tal.

Connectivity NH 19 and Agra to distance 35 km. Yamuna Expressway 25 km

And connect to Indian railway.Howrah–Delhi main line

This town has largest Glass production manufacturer Industry.. the work Export from All Over the World countries.

The palace of the king - Raja's rhythm is located about 2 km away from Hirangan, the king's rhythm was constructed by the Firozabad Gajat by Raja Todramal, one of the Navratanas of Samrat Akbar, who was made by the Red Stone on the banks of the Agra road. The rhythm remembers Lord Todarmal, an interesting fact about this rhythm is that there is a stone made of stone in the middle of the rhythm, which is reached by a dam bridge May be, but currently it looks as wall nominal longer rhythm nominal and it has become the most houses but red Kakri to somewhere