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Rakuten Rewards
IndustryCashback website, Coupons, Mobile applications, Browser extension
FoundedMay 3, 1998 (1998-05-03) in Menlo Park, CA, United States
FoundersAlessandro Isolani and Paul Wasserman
HeadquartersSan Mateo, California
Area served
United States, Canada, China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan
Key people
Amit Patel (CEO)
Number of employees
760 (Worldwide, 2019)
Logo of the Canadian version in 2019

Rakuten Rewards, formerly known as Ebates,[1] is a cash back and shopping rewards company[2] headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, CA[3]. Rakuten Rewards' revenue comes from affiliate network links.[4] Members of the site click through affiliate links before shopping at a retailer's site. Once the member makes a purchase, Rakuten Rewards receives an affiliate commission from the retailer which is then shared with the member. The company publishes links both on their website and through a browser extension as well as mobile app.[5]

Rakuten Rewards (as Ebates) frequently appears on lists of best cash back sites.[6] Commission rates vary when comparing Rakuten Rewards to other cash back sites.[7]


Rakuten Rewards was founded as Ebates in 1998 in Menlo Park, CA by two former deputy district attorneys, Alessandro Isolani and Paul Wasserman. Funded by venture capital firm Foundation Capital,[8] Ebates.com launched on May 3, 1999 offering up to 25% cash back from about 40 online retailers.[9]

In September 2014, Ebates was acquired by Rakuten, Inc. a Japanese based company for $1 Billion[10]. The company name was officially changed from Ebates to Rakuten Rewards in early 2019.[11] Following, it expanded its operations to Canada, where it is still known as Ebates,[12] competing with Great Canadian Rebates.[13]


Number Date Company Business Country References
1 9/8/2011 FatWallet Comparison shopping site United States [14]
2 8/9/2012 BFAds Coupons site United States [15]
3 9/8/2012 AnyCoupons Coupons site United States [16]
4 6/22/2012 OneReceipt Receipt digitization service United States [17]
5 10/12/2012 PushPins Coupons mobile site United States [18]
6 6/25/2013,

sold 12/6/2017

Extrabux Comparison shopping site United States [19]
7 3/7/2016 Shopular Product discovery mobile app United States [20]
8 1/23/2017 Cartera Commerce Rewards program provider United States [21]
9 4/3/2017 ShopStyle (and Cosmic Cart) Fashion discovery site United States [22]


Name Description Website References
Mobile App Free application for Android and iOS allows users to shop and earn cashback on mobile devices https://www.rakuten.com/mobile.htm [23]
Hotels Users can book hotels to earn cashback. All hotels on this section of the site are eligible for 10% cashback https://www.rakuten.com/hotels [24]
Cash Back Button Browser extension for Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Alerts users to cashback on store sites and highlights offers in Google and Bing search results https://www.rakuten.com/button.htm [25]
Marketplace Formerly located at Rakuten.com, the marketplace is an e-commerce site where users can buy goods from third-party sellers https://www.rakuten.com/shop/ [26]
In-Store Cash Back Users can earn cash back in stores by adding a credit or debit card to their accounts and using that card to pay in stores https://www.rakuten.com/in-store.htm [27]



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