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Randonneurs USA
JurisdictionUnited States
Founded1998 (1998)
PresidentJohn Lee Ellis
SecretaryPaul Rozelle

Randonneurs USA or RUSA is affiliated to Audax Club Parisien and coordinates and promotes the randonneuring style of cycling within the US. Cyclists from the US who wish to ride the Paris–Brest–Paris event qualify for the event through RUSA.


RUSA was formed in 1998 by Jennifer Wise, Johnny Bertrand and John Wagner, along with six others.

    1 Jennifer     Wise        Middletown       RI
    2 Johnny       Bertrand    Georgetown       KY
    3 John         Wagner      Seattle          WA
    4 Dave         Jordan      Arlington        MA
    5 Sherry       Reed        Columbus         OH
    6 Charlie      Henderson   Littleton        CO
    7 Bill         Bryant      Santa Cruz       CA
    8 Lois         Springsteen Santa Cruz       CA
    9 Pierce       Gafgen      Middletown       RI

RUSA Specific Events[edit]

In addition to the support for ACP events, RUSA offers several other events including RUSA-ONLY brevets. A very popular RUSA only event is the Permanent.

The Permanent is a members-only event where a member can contact a Permanent Owner to sign up to do the Permanent and then eventually ride the Permanent. The Permanent can be used to help complete other RUSA ONLY awards such as the R-12 or RUSA Distance Awards.

A great way for a rider to get introduced to Randonneuring is by riding a Populaire, which is a shorter distance Brevet - 100-199 km in length. By doing so, newcomers get to know and learn about long distance rides style and rules of Randonneuring.

Major brevets[edit]

The longest brevets organised by RUSA include:

  • Cascade 1200 (USA)
  • Colorado High Country 1200 (USA)
  • Cracker Swamp 1200 (USA)
  • Endless Mountains 1240K Randonnée (USA)
  • Florida Sunshine 1200k (USA)
  • Gold Rush Randonnée (USA)
  • Last Chance 1200k Randonnée (USA)
  • Taste of Carolina (USA)
  • Texas Rando Stampede (USA)

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