Ravishwarar Temple

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Ravishwarar Temple is a famous Shiva temple built during Chola's period. It is located at Murthy Iyengar Street, Vyasarpadi. Vyasarpadi is a railway station located between Chennai CentralChennai Beach line train route. It is very near to Perambur.

The lord Shiva is named Ravishwarar. Ravi meaning Sun. It is said the lord is worshiped by the Sun. The Sun also took bath in the temple tank (Bhrama Theertham) to get rid of his Bhrama Dosham. The temple also has the goddesses. The Sun god is placed inside the sanctum of lord Shiva facing him. Those worshiping the lord Shiva must also worship the Sun god.

The temple has three sacred trees, namely Vanni, Vilva and Naga Linga trees. Lots of people visit this temple on Sunday to get rid of various illness and to perform various pariharams. The God here is said to be very powerful. The place is easily accessible from various parts of the city through train and bus facilities.