Podemos (Guatemala)

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Secretary-GeneralJosé Raul Virgil Arias
Founded6 April 1995
IdeologyConservative liberalism
Political positionCentre-right
Seats in Congress
1 / 160

Podemos (lit. We Can) previously: Movimiento Reformador ( lit. Reform Movement) is a conservative-liberal political party in Guatemala. It is led by Jorge Briz Abularach.[1]

2003 election[edit]

At the 2003 general election held on 9 November 2003, the party was part of the Grand National Alliance. In the legislative election, the Alliance won 24.3% of the vote, and 47 out of 158 seats in Congress. The presidential candidate of the alliance, Óscar Berger Perdomo, won 34.3% at the presidential elections of the same day. He won 54.1% in the second round and was elected president.

Party leader Jorge Briz, who had run unsuccessfully for mayor of Guatemala City, was rewarded with the position of Foreign Minister in Berger's cabinet, a post he held until resigning in August 2006. Shortly after his resignation from the cabinet, the Reform Movement officially broke with the GANA alliance.[2]

2007 election[edit]

The Reform Movement declined to participate in the 2007 general election.[3]


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