Reynold Grey, 2nd Baron Grey of Ruthin

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Arms of Grey de Ruthyn: Barry of six argent and azure in chief three torteaux

Reynold Grey, 2nd Baron Grey of Ruthin (c. 1322 – c. 4 August 1388) was the son of Roger Grey, 1st Baron Grey de Ruthyn and Elizabeth de Hastings. He was summoned to Parliament from 1354 to 1388.

Marriage and children[edit]

He married Alianore, daughter of John Le Strange, 2nd Baron Strange of Blackmere and Ankaret Le Botiller.[i] He succeeded his father and was succeeded by his son, Reginald. His youngest daughter, Ida, who married Sir John Cokayne, was an ancestress of Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Jane Seymour, and many other members of the nobility. He had five children:

  1. Reynold Grey, 3rd Baron Grey of Ruthin (c. 1362 – 30 September 1440), married firstly, Margaret de Ros, by whom he had six children, and secondly, Joan de Astley, by whom he had another six children.
  2. Eleanor Grey, married William Lucy.
  3. John Grey (born 1364, date of death unknown)
  4. Catherine Grey (born 1366, date of death unknown)
  5. Ida Grey (c. 1368 – 1 June 1426), married Sir John Cokayne, by whom she had six children. Her eldest daughter Elizabeth, wife of Sir Laurence Cheney, was the great-great-grandmother of Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, and Jane Seymour.[1]


  1. ^ modern doctrine cannot determine her correct parentage: either as above or daughter of 5th Baron (or lord) Strange of Knockyn. Both are discussed as ancestors of Viscount St David's family. The interchangeability of Lord and Baron stems in modern doctrine[dubious ] from the anachronistic usage[dubious ], and recent abolition of hereditary lordship and baronage[dubious ] by House of Lords Act 1999.



  • Burke's Peerage and Baronetage. 1939.

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