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Renault Pars Company
Native name
شرکت رنو پارس
Joint venture
Founded24 March 2004[1]
OwnerRenault (51%)
IDRO Group (49%)

Renault Pars (Persian: رنو پارس‎, pronounced [ɾeˈnou ˈpɒːɾs]) is an Iranian joint venture established in 2004 and owned by Renault and Iran's Industrial Development Renovation Organisation (IDRO) .[2] The company is in charge of managing the assembly of CKD Renault cars by local manufacturers Iran Khodro and Iran Saipa's Pars Khodro.[3][4]


Renault cars were manufactured in Iran as early as December 1976, when a local company started the production of the Renault 5.[5] However, several restrictions made difficult for Renault to manufacture locally. The restrictions were reduced in the 1990s[4] and Iran Saipa produced various Renault cars, including the 5 and the 21.[6]

On 24 March 2004, Renault, IDRO and the Presidents of Iran Khodro and Saipa signed the agreement which established Renault Pars.[1] The company organises the assembly of imported CKD cars, but the engines are produced locally.[3]

Cars manufactured[edit]


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