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Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality is the largest municipality (Danish, kommune) in Denmark. It was formed on January 1, 2007 as part of the 2007 administrative reform from the former municipalities of Egvad, Holmsland, Ringkøbing, Skjern, and Videbæk. New figures concerning Regions and Municipalities of Denmark published by the Ministry of Economics, "Municipal Key Figures" (Danish: "De Kommunale Nøgletal" (www.noegletal.dk)), states the new municipality from 2011 as having an area of 1,494.56 square kilometres (577.05 sq mi), the largest municipality in Denmark by area. The total population was 57,148 (1 April 2014), according to Statistics Denmark (Danish:Danmarks Statistik) online statistics source: Statistikbanken.dk, "Befolkning og valg". Population density: 38 per square km. It is part of Region Midtjylland ("Region Central Jutland"). The Mayor of the Municipality since 2018 is Hans Østergaard (Venstre).

The Church of Denmark has 46 parishes in the municipality.

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Coordinates: 56°00′36″N 8°23′48″E / 56.01°N 8.39667°E / 56.01; 8.39667