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Road signs near Aberdeen Tunnel of Hong Kong

Road signs in Hong Kong are decided by the Transport Department.[1] However, road signs in Hong Kong are different from those in other countries with certain distinctions, although they generally use the same pattern of colours, shapes, and symbols as are used in most countries and set out in the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals.

Design and language[edit]

Latest road signs with Transport typeface (2015)

Road signs in Hong Kong closely follow those used in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, and European Countries a remnant of the city's colonial status. Signs usually use the Transport Medium typeface, also used in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland; some signs on recently-completed expressways use Transport Heavy however.

Road signs created in the 2010s often irregularly use Arial Narrow or Helvetica, with or without a modified 'L'. Signs showing street names are usually done in Helvetica as well, but the newest design returns to Transport Medium.

Hong Kong's traffic signs use Chinese and English, usually in an order of English above Traditional Chinese characters, the two official languages of Hong Kong.

Signs giving warnings[edit]

Signs warning of hazardous conditions or dangerous situations (e.g. "Intersection" or "Steep incline ahead" bear a black-on-white symbol inside a red-bordered triangle (point uppermost).[2]

Signs giving orders[edit]

With the exception of the special shapes used for "Stop" and "Yield" signs (respectively, an octagon and a downward-pointing triangle), signs giving orders are circular and are of two kinds:[3]

Prohibitory signs (e.g. "No left turn") take the form of a black-on-white symbol inside a red-bordered circle, sometimes with the addition of a red slash through the symbol. Mandatory signs (e.g. "Turn right only") bear a white symbol on a blue disk.

Temporary signs[edit]

Temporary road signs (e.g. Red rectangular signs with instructions in white)[4]

Signs giving information[edit]

Signs giving information are generally rectangular (sometimes pointed at one end in the case of direction signage).[5]