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Road signs in the Philippines are regulated and standardized by the Department of Public Works and Highways.[1] Most of the signs reflects minor influences from American and Australian signage, but keeps close to the Vienna Convention as an original signatory.

It is unclear if the Department of Public Works and Highways mandates the use of Clearview as its official typeface for signs, but some road signs do use them.

Regulatory signs[edit]

Regulatory signs indicate the application of legal or statutory requirements, for example, obligation to give way at intersections, control of parking of vehicles, and speed limits. These signs requires driver's compliance.

Priority signs[edit]

Direction signs[edit]

Restrictive signs[edit]

Speed signs[edit]

Parking signs[edit]

Miscellaneous signs[edit]

Warning signs[edit]

Warning signs are used to warn motorists of potentially hazardous conditions on or adjacent to the road.

Horizontal alignment signs[edit]

Intersection and junction signs[edit]

Advance warning of traffic control devices signs[edit]

Road width signs[edit]

Road obstacle signs[edit]

Pedestrian signs[edit]

Railway level crossing signs[edit]

Supplementary signs[edit]

Other warning road signs[edit]

Guide or information signs[edit]

Guide or information signs inform road users about the direction and distances on the route they are following.

Advance direction signs[edit]

Intersection direction signs[edit]

Reassurance direction signs[edit]

Finger board and direction signs for less important roads[edit]

Street signs[edit]

Town names and geographical feature signs[edit]

Service signs[edit]

Tourist information and tourist destination signs[edit]

Route marker signs[edit]

Asian highway route marker signs[edit]

Expressway signs[edit]

Expressway approach signs[edit]

Expressway information signs[edit]

Advance exit signs[edit]

Exit direction signs[edit]

Expressway service signs[edit]

End of expressway signs[edit]

Toll signs[edit]

Expressway traffic instruction and regulatory signs[edit]

Traffic instruction signs[edit]

Supplementary signs[edit]

Movement instruction signs[edit]

Hazard marker signs[edit]


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