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Rollason Aircraft and Engines
HeadquartersCroydon, Surrey, UK

Rollason Aircraft and Engines Limited was a British aircraft manufacturer and aircraft maintenance and refurbishment company from its formation in 1957.


A 1966-built Rollason Condor two-seat training and club aircraft.

The company was founded in 1943 by W.A. Rollason at Croydon Airport along with a sister company W.A. Rollason Limited and Rollason Aircraft Services Limited. Rollason Aircraft and Engines manufactured the French-designed Druine Turbulent and Druine Condor under licence and it became the United Kingdom agent for Jodel aircraft. The company also manufactured four Beta air-racing monoplanes during 1967.

Aircraft were built at the then closed Croydon Airport and assembled and test flown from Redhill Aerodrome with the first Rollason aircraft (a Turbulent) flown on 1 January 1958. Rollason also became a supplier of spare parts for the de Havilland Tiger Moth and Stampe SV.4. The company also built Ardem piston engines under licence for use in the Turbulents. The company was also involved in maintenance and refurbishment of aircraft particular the Tiger Moth. In 1973 the company head office moved to Shoreham Airport.

Aircraft built[edit]


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