Romuald the Reindeer

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Romuald the Reindeer
Created byRobin Lyons
Andrew Offiler
Written byRoger Planer
Robin Lyons
Andrew Offiler
Directed byWayne Thomas
Voices ofNigel Planer
Julie Higginson
Arthur Smith
Emma Wray
Kenneth Waller
Howell Evens
Jonathan Kydd
Christian Rodska
Theme music composerRoger Planer
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
Executive producer(s)Patrick Moine
Mikael Shields
Steve Walsh
Production company(s)Siriol Productions
La Fabrique
EVA Entertainment
Original networkBBC1, TCC, CBBC
Original release24 September –
20 December 1996

Romuald the Reindeer was a British children's animated series, created by Robin Lyons and Andrew Offiler, and produced by Siriol Productions and La Fabrique in association with EVA Entertainment. It aired on the BBC on 24 September 1996 and focuses on the adventures of a Christmas reindeer named Romuald, a character who had previously appeared in Siriol Productions and La Fabrique's thirty-minute specials Santa and the Tooth Fairies and Santa's First Christmas and an episode of their television series Tales of the Tooth Fairies. The series ran for a single season, consisting of thirteen ten-minute episodes.


The series takes place in Reindeersville, Lapland, a community of Christmas reindeer. The reindeer populace can all fly, and use their antlers like hands, playing instruments, picking up phones, etc. The focus is on Romuald Haroldson, a sullen teen reindeer, and his misadventures.


  • Romuald Haroldson is a teenage Christmas reindeer. Melancholy, woebegone, and always carrying around a sledful of teen angst, Romuald suffers life's twists and turns more than most, although things usually work out for him in the end. Romuald is voiced by Nigel Planer.
  • Ulrika Haroldson is Romuald's three-and-a-half year old little sister. She usually gets her own way at home, and loves to pester her big brother. Ulrika is voiced by Julie Higginson.
  • Harold and Hilda Haroldson are Romuald and Ulrika's parents. Harold is your average working Reindeer, whilst Hilda is knitting mad. Both are clueless towards their son's angst-ridden attitude, and powerless to say "no" to Ulrika's demands-usually. Harold is voiced by Jonathan Kydd and Hilda is voiced by Emma Wray.
  • Grandpa Ivy is a senior member of Santa's elves. He tends to the sheep around Lapland, and teaches classes at the reindeer school. Grandpa Ivy is voiced by Kenneth Waller.
  • Clint, Kirk and Burt are the local reindeer bullies, determined to make life miserable for everyone (particularly Romuald). All three wear leather jackets. Clint wears shades, Kirk wears a cap over his antlers, Burt has a permanent black eye and his antlers wear boxing gloves. Clint is voiced by Arthur Smith, Kirk is voiced by Jonathan Kydd and Burt is voiced by Christian Rodska.

Episode List[edit]

  • Knitted Patterns
  • Music Maestro
  • Computer Whizz
  • Space Reindeer
  • Reindeer School
  • Baby Sitter
  • Deerwatch
  • Flee on the Wall
  • Migration World
  • Pet Swap
  • Camping Trip
  • Pen Pals
  • Ulrika's Solo Flight

Home Video Release[edit]

A single video, entitled Adventures With Romuald the Reindeer was released, containing the episodes "Music Maestro", "Computer Whizz", "Space Reindeer", Reindeer School" and "Baby Sitter".


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