Rough Cut (2008 film)

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Rough Cut
South Korean Poster
Hangul영화 영화
Hanja映畫는 映畫다
Revised RomanizationYeonghwaneun yeonghwada
McCune–ReischauerYŏnghwanŭn yŏnghwata
Directed byJang Hoon
Produced byKim Ki-duk
David Cho
Written byKim Ki-duk
Music byRoh Hyoung-woo
CinematographyKim Gi-tae
Kim Ki-duk Film
Distributed by
  • Studio 2.0
  • Sponge ENT
Release date
  • September 11, 2008 (2008-09-11)
Running time
113 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Budget₩650 million[1]
US$1.5 million[2]
Box officeUS$7.2 million[3]

Rough Cut (Korean영화는 영화다; RRYeonghwanun Yeonghwada; lit. "A Movie is a Movie") is a 2008 South Korean action film. It is the debut feature of director Jang Hoon and based on an original story by Kim Ki-duk. The film had a total of 1,307,688 admissions nationwide.[4]


Gang-pae, played by So Ji-sub, is a local organized crime leader who still wishes he could be in movies. Soo-ta, played by Kang Ji-hwan, is a haughty actor who is easy to provoke. Within his latest film, where he plays a gangster, he gets into the role too much and sends one of the stuntmen to the hospital. The two men meet by chance at a room salon and Soo-ta enlists Gang-pae to join the production. But this real life gangster will only join the production if the fights are real. The two main characters continue to try and one-up the other every chance they get.


Blurring of real and fake[edit]

Since this film crosses back and forth between being an actual movie and a movie within a movie, the lines get blurred as to which the audience is watching. Examples:

  • The character name Soo-ta (수타) is a parody of 스타 meaning "(movie) star" in Korean. And the character name Gang-pae (강패) is a parody of 깡패 which means "gangster" in Korean.
  • Choreographed fights become "real" and a "real" fight turns out to be planned but is however "real".
  • The actual movie script for Rough Cut is shown being read and held several times by rehearsing characters and crew within the film.
  • Numerous members of the actual crew, including the producer and editor, are seen in the film as "crew members".
  • Various movie posters can be seen including Time also written by Kim Ki-duk and an early draft of a Rough Cut poster, which is the same image on the cover of the scripts.
  • The "real" arrest of a bloodied Gang-pae for a recent murder turns out to be in image from a film shown in a theater right before the actual credits roll.

Awards and nominations[edit]

2008 Blue Dragon Film Awards[5]
2008 Korean Association of Film Critics Awards
2008 Korean Film Awards
2008 Director's Cut Awards
2009 Asian Film Awards
2009 Baeksang Arts Awards
2009 Shanghai International Film Festival
2009 Buil Film Awards
2009 Busan Film Critics Awards
2009 Grand Bell Awards


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