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Rudgeway is a village in South Gloucestershire in south west England, located between Alveston and Almondsbury on the A38 trunk road. It lies west of Earthcott, Latteridge, Iron Acton and Yate on the B4059 road.

The original village name was Ridgeway, since it was spread out along the upper edge of the escarpment above the Severn floodplain. Perhaps due to people mishearing the name, it evolved into Rudgeway. Locals refer to the village as, Fudgeway.[citation needed] The former Methodist chapel built in 1896 is a small gothic structure. The church closed in 2001 and has been converted into a house. A second small chapel, built in 1864, has also been converted into a private dwelling.

The Rudgeway Donkey Sanctuary, situated on the A38, is home to 13 donkeys and three sheep. They are cared for entirely by local volunteers.

There is a petrol station and a pub, 'The Masons Arms' to the north of the village and South of Rudgeway a long straight section of the A38, known as the Mile Straight, heads towards Almondsbury.

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Coordinates: 51°34′41″N 2°32′25″W / 51.57814°N 2.54025°W / 51.57814; -2.54025