Rural Municipality of Grahamdale

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Grahamdale is a rural municipality in the province of Manitoba in Western Canada. It was incorporated as a Local Government District (LGD) on 1 January 1945, and became a Rural Municipality in 1997.

The municipality exists in two sections that are separated by a part of the Fairford 50 Indian reserve. It extends from Gypsumville to Mulvihill and incorporates the former RM of Woodlea (51°02′15″N 98°05′32″W / 51.03750°N 98.09222°W / 51.03750; -98.09222) within its present boundaries.[1]


  • Camper
  • Faulkner
  • Grahamdale
  • Gypsumville
  • Hilbre
  • Moosehorn
  • Mulvihill
  • St. Martin
  • St. Martin Junction
  • Spearhill
  • Steep Rock

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Coordinates: 51°25′12″N 98°22′24″W / 51.42000°N 98.37333°W / 51.42000; -98.37333