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Russian chemical industry is a branch of Russian industry .

Share of the chemical industry in the structure of Russia's GDP in 2006 was about 6% of exports - about 5%, the industry has focused almost 7% of industrial fixed assets .

In 2009 it was exported 3.1 million tons of ammonia in the amount of 626 million dollars, 814 thousand tons of methanol in the amount of 156 million dollars, 22 million tons of mineral fertilizers worth $5.6 billion, 702 thousand tons of synthetic rubber in the amount of 1, $2 billion.[1]

The average monthly wage in the chemical industry - 21956 RUR / month (March 2010 ).[2] The Russian chemical industry was facing problems in 2014 due to the sanctions imposed on Russia by Western nations.[3]


The company Headquarters Factories Sales in 2011, billion rubles. Specialization
Sibur Moscow Togliatti, Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, Dzerzhinsk, Perm, Tomsk 248,7 Petrochemistry
Gazprom Salavat neftekhim (Salavatnefteorgsintez until 2011) Salavat Salavat 147,8 Petrochemistry
EuroChem Moscow 131,3 Production of fertilizers
Nizhnekamskneftekhim Nizhnekamsk Nizhnekamsk 122,7 Synthetic rubbers
Acron Group Veliky Novgorod 65,4 Сhemical fertilizers
Uralkali Berezniki
108,3 Potash

TogliattiAzot — world's largest producer of ammonia . The main products are ammonia, fertilizers, methanol . Total turnover in 2008 — 29.97 bln rubles.

Ural Plant of Industrial Gases (Uraltehgaz) — produces technical gases and cryogenic liquids, food gas mixtures, welding gas mixtures, cylinders and welding equipment.


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