Russian Missile Troops and Artillery

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Flag of the Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Federation.

The Missile Troops and Artillery (MT & A) are an Arm of the Russian Ground Forces, They are the primary means of providing fire on the enemy during combined-arms operations. They are designed to perform the following main tasks:[1]

  • achieving and keeping fire superiority over the enemy;
  • defeat of its means of nuclear attack, manpower, weapons, military and special equipment;
  • disruption of troops and weapons’ control systems, reconnaissance and electronic warfare;
  • destruction of long-term defence installations and other infrastructure;
  • disruption of operational and military logistics;
  • weakening and isolation of the second echelons and reserves of the enemy;
  • destruction of tanks and other armoured vehicles of the enemy breaking into the depth of defence;
  • cover of open flanks and junctions;
  • participation in destruction of aircraft and amphibious assault forces of the enemy;
  • remote mining of areas and facilities;
  • light support of night actions of troops;
  • smoke-screening, blinding of enemy targets;
  • distribution of propaganda materials, etc.

Organisationally the MT & A consist of missile, rocket, artillery brigades, including high-power mixed, artillery battalions, rocket artillery regiments, separate reconnaissance battalions, as well as artillery of combined-arms brigades and military bases.[1]

Further development and increase of combat capabilities of the MT & A of the GF are put into life by means of creating reconnaissance-fire units, including on interim basis, ensuring defeat of targets in real time, equipment of formations and units of the MT & A with high-precision weapons, increasing of firing range and power of the ammunition used, and automation of processes for preparation and firing.[1]


 This article incorporates text by Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation available under the CC BY 4.0 license.

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