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Mission typeCommunication
COSPAR ID2013-026A
SATCAT no.39172
Mission duration15 years
Spacecraft properties
BusEurostar E3000
ManufacturerEADS Astrium
Launch mass6,010 kilograms (13,250 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date3 June 2013, 09:18:31 (2013-06-03UTC09:18:31Z) UTC[1]
Launch siteBaikonur 200/39
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
Longitude40.5° West
Perigee altitude35,782 kilometres (22,234 mi)
Apogee altitude35,804 kilometres (22,248 mi)
Inclination0.02 degrees
Period23.93 hours
Epoch8 November 2013, 02:13:51 UTC[2]
BandKu band (48)
C band (43)
Coverage areaNorth America
Latin America
Atlantic Ocean

SES-6 is a commercial geostationary communication satellite owned and operated by SES.

Constructed by EADS Astrium, it was launched on June 3, 2013 and carries 48 Ku-band and 43 C-band transponders.[3]


The SES-6 satellite replaces the aging NSS 806 (launched in February 1998 as Intelsat 806). It is nearly twice as large as NSS-806, with two C-band beams and three for the Ku-band. The C-band beams cover the east Atlantic (Europe, North Africa) and west Atlantic (USA, Mexico, South America). The Ku-band beams cover east Atlantic (Europe, Iceland, Greenland), west Atlantic (Greenland, east USA, east Canada) and Brazil.[4]

In Ku-band, SES-6 will support DTH platforms, VSAT services and government digital inclusion programmes throughout Latin America. The C-band payload will offer 50% more C-band capacity for the cable community, and retain the capability to distribute content between the Americas and Europe on the same high powered beam.[5]

Following the launch, SES announced a long-term capacity agreement to provide a new direct to home (DTH) platform in Brazil with Brazilian telecommunication group Oi, which would become the largest user of the new satellite.[3]

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