Mersin Orthodox Church

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Mersin Orthodox Church (Turkish: Mersin Ortodoks Kilisesi) is a church in Mersin, Turkey.


The church is at 36°47′36″N 34°37′30″E / 36.79333°N 34.62500°E / 36.79333; 34.62500Coordinates: 36°47′36″N 34°37′30″E / 36.79333°N 34.62500°E / 36.79333; 34.62500 is to the south of Mersin Halkevi and to the west of Mersin Atatürk Monument. It is 80 metres (260 ft) to İsmet İnönü Boulevard and 200 metres (660 ft) to the Mediterranean Sea coast.


The church has been built in 1870 during the Ottoman Empire era.[1] Its building area was donated by Dimitri Nadir and Tannus Nadir and it was commissioned by Christians who migrated from Syria and Lebanon (then parts of the Ottoman Empire). According to an inscription it was dedicated to Mihail Athangelos (Michael). According to one source it was also dedicated to Gabriel.[2]

The dependency[edit]

The church is under the control of the Antiochian Orthodox Church.[1]