SS Francis Preston Blair

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Coordinates: 21°48′S 153°42′E / 21.8°S 153.7°E / -21.8; 153.7

SS Francis Preston Blair
General characteristics
Tonnage: 7,196 tons

SS Francis Preston Blair was an American Liberty ship, 7,196 tons stranded on Saumarez Reef in the Coral Sea during a cyclone in 1945. The ship has since deteriorated into a rusty heap. The wreck was used by Royal Australian Air Force F-111 aircraft for target practice during the 1980s.

The bronze propeller was salvaged by unknown persons between 1964 and 1970. Wreck was visited by Wild Kingdom who made a TV episode hosted by Marlin Perkins for USA and world distribution in 1971.

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  • "No.1 SAUMAREZ REEFS - (21°38'S., 153°46'E.) LIBERTY SHIP". 9 June 2012.