Saint Paul City Council

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Saint Paul City Council
Term limits
Amy Brendmoen (DFL)
since February 14, 2018[1]
Political groups
     DFL (7)
Length of term
4 years
Instant-runoff voting
Last election
November 3, 2015
Next election
November 5, 2019
RedistrictingCharter Commission
Meeting place
St Paul City Hall & Ramsey County Courthouse.jpg
Saint Paul City Hall and Ramsey County Courthouse

The Saint Paul City Council is the governing body of the City of Saint Paul as part of a strong mayor–council government. There are 7 members from 7 wards who are elected to four-year terms. Amy Brendmoen is the current president of the council. The council is completely controlled by members of the DFL with all 7 members being affiliated with the party.

Council Members hourly wage as of Dec. 2017 is $60.58 per hour.


In 2009, Saint Paul voters approved the use of the single transferable vote in its elections for city council and mayor, beginning with the 2011 municipal elections. However, since the city council uses single-member districts, the single transferable vote functions the same way as instant-runoff voting. The single transferable vote is also known as "instant-runoff voting," although this is a misnomer since they refer to two different systems of voting. It is also commonly known as "ranked choice voting," although there are other voting methods that involve ranking.


The Saint Paul City Council members are:

Ward Name Party
1st Dai Thao DFL
2nd Rebecca Noecker DFL
3rd Chris Tolbert DFL
4th Mitra Jalali Nelson DFL
5th Amy Brendmoen DFL
6th Dan Bostrom DFL
7th Jane Prince DFL


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