Salah Bey Viaduct

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Salah Bey Viaduct
A view of Salah Bey Viaduct in 2015.
Coordinates36°21′26″N 06°36′51″E / 36.35722°N 6.61417°E / 36.35722; 6.61417Coordinates: 36°21′26″N 06°36′51″E / 36.35722°N 6.61417°E / 36.35722; 6.61417
CrossesGorge valley of the river Rhummel
LocaleConstantine, Algeria [1]
Official nameجسر صالح باي
Other name(s)Viaduc Salah Bey
Maintained byDirection Des Travaux Publics de la wilaya de Constantine
DesignMultiple-span cable-stayed viaduct bridge[1]
MaterialConcrete, steel
Total length1,119 m (3,671 ft)[1]
Width27.34 m (89.7 ft)[1]
Height130 m (430 ft) (max pylon above ground)[1]
Longest span245 m (804 ft)[1]
No. of spans204 m (669 ft)[1]
Piers in water80 m (260 ft)[1]
Clearance below270 m (890 ft)[1]
Design life120 years
DesignerCOWI A/S, Engineering;
Dissing+Weitling, Architect and Design/Build consultant [1]
Constructed byAndrade Gutierrez[1]
Construction start15 September 2010; 9 years ago (2010-09-15)[1]
Construction costbb
Opened26 July 2014 @ 09:00 hrs[1]
Inaugurated16 April 2014; 5 years ago (2014-04-16)[1]
The Salah Bey Viaduct spans the gorge valley of the river Rhummel in northern Algeria
The Salah Bey Viaduct spans the gorge valley of the river Rhummel in northern Algeria
Salah Bey Viaduct
Location of the Salah Bey Viaduct in northern Algeria.

The Salah Bey Viaduct (Arabic: جسر صالح باي, is a cable-stayed bridge that spans the gorge valley of the Rhummel in Constantine, North East Algeria is named after Salah Bey whose rule of the city (1771-1797) was marked by major urban works, This viaduct is already considered the "eighth wonder" of the city with seven bridges. With a length of 1119m, the viaduct has a futuristic design, which modernized the urban configuration of the city.


The Salah Bey Viaduct is the eighth bridge in Constantine, the longest with 756 meters for the main viaduct and 4.3 kilometers, counting the connections and accesses. Resting on eight shrouds and culminating at 130 meters.


The Viaduct Salah Bey was extended and connected with the A1 Algeria East–West Highway by two sides (North and South ).


The Salah Bey Bridge was inaugurated on July 26, 2014 by Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal,[2] named after the governor of Constantine Salah Bey from 1771 to 1792.

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