Sames II Theosebes Dikaios

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Samos II Theosebes Dikaios
King of Commagene
Reign130–109 BC
PredecessorPtolemaeus of Commagene
SuccessorMithridates I Callinicus
IssueMithridates I Callinicus
DynastyOrontid Dynasty
FatherPtolemaeus of Commagene

Sames or Samos II Theosebes Dikaios (Greek: Σάμος Θεοσεβής Δίκαιος – died 109 BC) was the second king of Commagene. Of Armenian[1] descent, he was the son and successor of Ptolemaeus of Commagene.

Sames reigned as king between 130–109 BC. During his reign, Sames ordered the construction of the fortress at Samosata which is now submerged by water from the Atatürk Dam.[2] Sames died in 109 BC. His wife was Pythodoris, daughter of the Kings of Pontus, and his son and successor was Mithridates I Callinicus.

Preceded by
Ptolemaeus of Commagene
King of Cappadocia
130 BC – ca. 109 BC
Succeeded by
Mithridates I Callinicus


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