Samsun Amisos Hill Gondola

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Samsun Amisos Hill Gondola
Samsun Amisos Tepesi Teleferik Hattı
Samsun Amisos Hill Gondola is located in Turkey
Samsun Amisos Hill Gondola
Location within Turkey
Coordinates41°19′18″N 36°19′24″E / 41.32167°N 36.32333°E / 41.32167; 36.32333
TerminiBatıpark (north)
Amisos Tepesi (south)
Elevationlowest:  0 m (0 ft)
highest: 62 m (203 ft)
No. of stations2
Built bySTM Sistem Teleferik, Turkey
Construction begin2005
Open2006; 13 years ago (2006)
OwnerSamsun Metropolitan Municipality
OperatorSamulaş Inc.
No. of carriers6 (in two groups of 3)
Carrier capacity6
Ridership360 hourly
Technical features
Aerial lift typeBi-cable gondola detachable
Manufactured bySTM Sistem Teleferik, Turkey
Line length320 m (1,050 ft)
Cable diameter43 mm (1.7 in)
Installed power110 kW
Operating speedmax. 3 m/s (9.8 ft/s)

The Samsun Amisos Hill Gondola (Turkish: Samsun Amisos Tepesi Teleferik Hattı) is a two-station aerial lift line of gondola type in Samsun serving the nearby hilltop Amisos.

The 320 m (1,050 ft) long line was constructed in eight months by the Turkish company STM Sistem Teleferik from İzmir, which delivered also the technical equipment. The construction of the line completed in October 2005.[1]

Spanning over Atatürk Boulevard towards south, the gondola lift line connects Batıpark (literally: West Park) on the Black Sea shore, a large urban park on land reclaimed from the sea, with Amisos Hill (Turkish: Amisos Tepesi), an archaeological site. At Amisos Hill, tumuli called Baruthane Tümülüsleri (Baruthane Tumuli),[2] are found containing tombs dating back to an era between 300 BC and 30 BC. The hill features an archaeological museum and a café-restaurant.[3]

The number of the six-seater gondolas increased from initially two to six, which run in two sets of three cabins in a row. The gondola line is owned by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which operated it until September 2013. The municipality leased the lift line to its subsidiary company for transportation, the Samulaş Inc. for a five-year term.[4]


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