Sanjak of Çanad

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The Sanjak of Çanad (Turkish: Çanad sancağı, Liva-i Çanad) was a sanjak (district) of the Ottoman Empire located in what is today northern Banat (northernmost Serbia, southernmost Hungary and northwesternmost Romania), centered at Cenad (Hungarian: Csanád, in Romania). The Eastern Hungarian Kingdom, a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire in the first half of the 16th century, lost the territory in 1552, when it was organized into the Temeşvar Eyalet. It was one of four sanjaks of the Temeşvar Eyalet in 1550s, one of eleven sanjaks in 1699, one of five in 1700–01, one of six in 1701–02, until its abolishment in 1707, becoming a sub-district of the Sanjak of Temeşvar. It was conquered by the Habsburgs and organized into the Csanád County.

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