Satellite Award for Best DVD Release of TV Shows

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The Satellite Award for Best DVD Release of TV Shows was an award given by the International Press Academy from 2004 to 2009.

Winners and nominees[edit]

Year Winners and nominees
2004[1] Alias For The Complete Second Season.
24 For The Complete Second Season.
Dawson's Creek For The Complete Second Season.
Family Guy For Volume 2.
Mr. Show with Bob and David For The Complete Third Season.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine For Season 7.
2005[2] Seinfeld
24 For season 3.
Alias For season 3.
Angel For season 4.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer For season 6.
Felicity For edition III.
Frasier For the final season.
Sex and the City For edition 6.
Taxi For the Complete First Season.
2006[3] 24 For Season Four.
Curb Your Enthusiasm Complete Fourth Season.
Deadwood Complete First Season.
Desperate Housewives Complete First Season.
Entourage Complete First Season.
House M.D. For Season One.
The L Word Complete Second Season.
Lost Complete First Season.
Rescue Me Complete First Season.
Seinfeld For Season 6.
The Simpsons Complete Seventh Season (Collectible Marge Head Pack).
South Park Complete Sixth Season.
2007[4] The Simpsons For "The Complete Eighth Season".
Alias For "The Complete Fifth Season".
Desperate Housewives For "The Complete Second Season".
Mission: Impossible For "The Complete First Season".
Police Squad! For "The Complete Series".
Six Feet Under For "The Complete Series Gift Set".
Slings & Arrows For "Season Two".
Liza with a Z For "Collector's Edition".
2008[5] Dexter For season 1.
The House of Eliott For the 'Complete Collection'.
Lost For the complete third season.
The Muppet Show For season 2.
Nip/Tuck For season 4.
The Office For season 3.
Rome For season 2.
Twin Peaks For season 2.
Ugly Betty For season 1.
Daniel Deronda
2009[6] 30 Rock For season 2.
The Tudors The Complete First Season.


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