Sayyid Ibraheem Khaleel Al Bukhari

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Sayyid Ibraheem Khaleel Al Bukhari
സയ്യിദ് ഇബ്റാഹീം ഖലീല്‍ അല്‍ ബുഖാരി
Founder and Chairman of Ma'din Academy
Personal details
Born (1964-02-22) February 22, 1964 (age 55)
Kadalundi, Kozhikkode
Children3 son and 4 daughters
ResidenceKadalundi, Kozhikkode
WebsiteOfficial website
As of April 9, 2014
Source: Sayyid Ibraheem Khaleel Al Bukhari

Sayyid Ibraheem Khaleel Al Bukhari (Malayalam: സയ്യിദ് ഇബ്റാഹീം ഖലീല്‍ അല്‍ ബുഖാരി) (Arabic: السيد ابراهيم الخليل البخاري)is one of the India's most recognised Muslim personalities and listed in The Muslim 500.[1][2] He is the founder and chairman of Ma'din Academy,[3] an educational and charity venture based in Malappuram, Kerala, and advisor of International Interfaith Harmony initiative.

Early life[edit]

Sayyid Ibraheem Khaleel Al Bukhari was born in 1964 in Kadalundi, a village in Calicut district, Kerala, India. Bukhari belongs to one of the oldest Muslim families in India, which had migrated from Uzbekistan and settled in the northern part of Kerala.[4] He acquired primary education from his parents especially from his father Sayyid Ahmed Bukhari, spiritual guide of that region. Under the guidance of Beeran Koya Musliyar, he pursued his higher education and graduated with 2nd rank in Islamic Theology (MFB) from Baqiyahu Ssalihath, Velloor in Tamil Nadu, India.[5]

Soon after the completion of his education in 1997, he established Ma'din Academy (Ma'dinu Ssaquafathil Islamiyya) at Swalath Nagar in Malappuram, the Muslims populated region in the state. Now under his supervision and spiritual shadow 22000 students are gaining their education in about 28 institutions ranging from primary to post graduate level. He is respectfully called Bukhari Thangal in Kerala.[4]


Sayyid Ibraheem Khaleel Al Bukhari
  • Kerala Muslim Jamath State General Secretary [6]
  • Chairman of Ma'din Academy[3]
  • Patron of Ideal Association for Minority Educational Institutions (IAME).
  • Governing council member of Islamic Educational Board of India, New Delhi
  • Vice Chairman, Girls' Educational Development Foundation under the Ministry of Human Resource, Government of India, New Delhi.
  • Supreme Council Member of Sunni Yuva Jana Sangham ( Sunni Youth Organization), Kerala, India.
  • Founder of Centre for Moderation, Indi,a an affiliated entity of Global Movement of Moderates Foundation, Malaysia.

International Presences[edit]


  • He has been selected among the most 500 influential Muslims of the world 2012, 2014 and 2015, compiled by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, a respected think tank in Jordan affiliated to King Abdulla, the president of Jordan.
  • He was the guest of Sheikh Khaleefa bin Zayed al Nahyan, the president of UAE during the Ramzan in 2012.
  • He has been leading India's largest Muslim conference from the year 2000 onwards. The conference is held on the 27th day of Ramzan every year. The conference attracts millions from various parts of the globe. The main highlight of this conference is Pledge Against Terrorism.[3]
  • Organized the Interfaith Harmony and Tolerance seminar in collaboration with International Islamic University, Malaysia in connection with Interfaith Harmony Week an initiative of United Nations.
  • Planned and executed the Knowledge Hunt, an innovative learningprogramme which takes a group of researchers and scholars to various cultural and religious destinations of the globe. The programme covered China, Malayasia, Indonesia, Brunei, Uzbekistan, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Yemen.
  • Visited and attended various programmes in Australia, UK, Germany, France, Uzbekistan,Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Oman, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Yemen.
  • He brought the first official Spanish language teaching centre approved by the government of Spain to Kerala, India.[11]

Notable Meet[edit]


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