Sega Jamblang

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Variety of side dishes to rice jamblang

Sega jamblang (Nasi jamblang in Indonesian, Jamblang rice in English) is a typical food of Cirebon, West Java. "Jamblang" comes from the name of the region to the west of the city of Cirebon, home of the food vendors. The characteristic of these foods is the usage of teak as a pack of rice leaves. The dish is served via a buffet.


Menus are usually available which include chili fries, tofu vegetables, lung (troop), liver or meat stews, cakes, satay potatoes, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, cooked chili, stewed fish, salted fish, tofu and tempeh.

Coordinates: 6°43′0″S 108°34′0″E / 6.71667°S 108.56667°E / -6.71667; 108.56667