Servet Tazegül Arena

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Servet Tazegül Arena
Servet Tazegül Spor Salonu
Sportshall in Mersin, Turkey.JPG
LocationYenişehir, Mersin, Turkey
Coordinates36°47′18″N 34°33′01″E / 36.78833°N 34.55028°E / 36.78833; 34.55028Coordinates: 36°47′18″N 34°33′01″E / 36.78833°N 34.55028°E / 36.78833; 34.55028
Broke groundJanuary 20, 2012
Opened2013; 6 years ago (2013)

The Servet Tazegül Arena (Turkish: Servet Tazegül Spor Salonu) is a multi-purpose indoor arena located at Yenişehir district of Mersin, Turkey, named in honor of the Olympic, world and European champion taekwondo practitioner Servet Tazegül (born 1988).[1][2]

The construction of the building began on January 20, 2012 with the laying of foundation stone.[3] The arena is one of the eleven new-built sports venues in Mersin to host the 2013 Mediterranean Games.With its seating capacity of 7,500 , it is one of the biggest indoor arenas in Turkey.[1] It is situated to the south of Mersin Tennis Complex.

2013 Mediterranean Games[edit]

At 2013 Mediterranean Games, the arena hosted basketball event (men) between 17–25 June and volleyball semifinal and final events (women and men) between 27–30 June.[4]


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