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Line 8
SHM Line 8 icon.svg
Laoximen Station.jpg
An AC07 series train at Laoximen station on line 8.
Other name(s)M8 (planned name)
TypeRapid transit
SystemShanghai Metro
LocaleMinhang, Pudong, Huangpu, Jing'an, Hongkou and Yangpu districts
TerminiShiguang Road
Shendu Highway
Daily ridership1.221 million (2019 peak)[1]
OpenedDecember 29, 2007; 11 years ago (2007-12-29)
Operator(s)Shanghai No.4 Metro Operation Co. Ltd.
CharacterUnderground and elevated
Line length37.4 km (23.24 mi)
Number of tracks2
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
ElectrificationOverhead lines (1500 volts)
Operating speed80 km/h (49.71 mph)
Route map
Line 8

Line 8 is a north-south line of the Shanghai Metro network. It runs from Shiguang Road, in Yangpu District to Shendu Highway, in Minhang. The line is colored blue on system maps.

To scale map of Shanghai Metro Line 8

Service routes[edit]


Station name Connections Distance
English Chinese
Shiguang Road 市光路 0.00 0.00 Yangpu
Nenjiang Road 嫩江路 0.88 0.88
Xiangyin Road 翔殷路 1.07 1.95
Huangxing Park 黄兴公园 1.04 2.99
Middle Yanji Road 延吉中路 0.85 3.84
Huangxing Road 黄兴路 1.41 5.25
Jiangpu Road 江浦路 1.04 6.29
Anshan Xincun 鞍山新村 0.88 7.17
Siping Road 四平路  10  0.81 7.98 Hongkou
Quyang Road 曲阳路 1.07 9.05
Hongkou Football Stadium 虹口足球场  3  1.47 10.52
North Xizang Road 西藏北路 1.27 11.79 Jing'an
Zhongxing Road 中兴路 1.23 13.02
Qufu Road 曲阜路  12  1.19 14.21
People's Square 人民广场  1   2  1.18 15.39 Huangpu
Dashijie 大世界 0.74 16.13
Laoximen 老西门  10  0.96 17.09
Lujiabang Road 陆家浜路  9  0.85 17.94
South Xizang Road 西藏南路  4  1.12 19.06
China Art Museum 中华艺术宫 2.11 21.17 Pudong
Yaohua Road 耀华路  7  0.90 22.07
Chengshan Road 成山路  13  0.90 22.97
Yangsi 杨思 1.13 24.10
Oriental Sports Center 东方体育中心  6   11  1.67 25.77
Lingzhao Xincun 凌兆新村 1.83 27.60
Luheng Road 芦恒路 2.57 30.17 Minhang
Pujiang Town 浦江镇 2.61 32.78
Jiangyue Road 江月路 1.39 34.17
Lianhang Road 联航路 1.20 35.37
Shendu Highway 沈杜公路  Pujiang  Bus rapid transitFengpu BRT 1.36 36.73

Important stations[edit]

  • Hongkou Football Stadium - At this station, passengers can transfer to Line 3. Previously they must exit and re-enter the station, but a new linkway has been built via the shopping center.
  • People's Square - Passengers can interchange to Lines 1 and 2. This is also a very important station, as it is located at a major financial district as well as near many tourist attractions.
  • South Xizang Road: The first platform to platform interchange station in the Shanghai Metro network. Interchange with Line 4.


The subway line's first phase began trial operation on September 17, 2007 and officially opened on December 29, 2007, running between Shiguang Road and Yaohua Road. The second phase, from Yaohua Road to Shendu Highway began operation on July 5, 2009.

Two stations opened later than the rest of the line: China Art Museum in September 2012 and Oriental Sports Center opened in April 2011.

Even though Line 8 is a heavy rail rapid transit line, "C size" trains used for light metro lines consisting of 6 or 7 cars are being used throughout the line with platforms built to accommodate up to 8 car trains. Due to the trains relatively smaller loading gauge and capacity compared to "A size" trains used on other Shanghai Metro lines the line is extremely crowded. This has caused much doubt among the public in the Shanghai Metro's ability to accurately predict passenger flows for future lines.[2] It was revealed that line 8 originally was forecasted to have a short term daily ridership of 400,000-500,000 people/day, which warrants the use of larger "A size" trains. This is not surprising given Line 8 is planned to serve some of Shanghai's densest neighborhoods and several major attractions. However the forecast was downgraded to 200,000 people/day which allowed Shanghai Alstom, a company interested in manufacturing and selling "C size" trains in Shanghai, to build trains for line 8.[2] There are no short term solutions to the overcrowding. The loading gauges of "A size" trains are incompatible with "C size" trains but parallel relief bus services have started operating.[2]

On May 4, 2017 it was announced the third phase had been renamed the Pujiang line, and will be a new 6.7 km (4.2 mi) long light metro line running from Shendu Highway station to Huizhen Road station. It will use rubber tire Bombardier Innovia APM 300 technology. On January 13 Bombardier delivered the first out of 44 autonomous people movers to Shanghai.[3] It opened on March 31, 2018.

Segment Commencement Length Station(s) Name
Shiguang Road — Yaohua Road 29 December 2007 23.3 km (14.48 mi) 20 Phase 1
Yaohua Road — Shendu Highway 5 July 2009 14.1 km (8.76 mi) 8 Phase 2
Oriental Sports Center 12 April 2011 Infill station 1
China Art Museum 28 September 2012 Infill station 1

Rolling Stock[edit]

Type Time of manufacturing Series Sets Assembly Notes
Type C 2006–2008 AC07 28 Tc+Mp+M+M+Mp+Tc (6 car set)
Tc+Mp+M+T+M+Mp+Tc (7 car set)
Manufactured by Alstom
Type C 2009–2012 AC15 18 Tc+Mp+M+M+M+Mp+Tc Manufactured by CNR Changchun
Type C 2010–2012 AC15B 20 Tc+Mp+M+M+M+Mp+Tc Manufactured by CNR Changchun


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