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For the unrelated character created by AC Comics, see She Cat.

She-Cat from Catwoman 43, art by Jim Balent
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceCatwoman #43 (1997).
Created byJim Balent
Doug Moench
In-story information
Alter egoCassandra Cartland
Notable aliasesAlley Cat
Abilitiesskilled in the martial arts

She-Cat is a fictional character, owned by DC Comics, who exists in that company's DC Universe. She is a cat burglar created as a villain and rival to Catwoman.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Cassandra Cartland meets Selina Kyle at the orphanage to which Selina was sent. Cassandra once asked Selina to join her in stealing food from the kitchen. Selina refused, already wanting to do things alone. Cassandra once again tried to become friends when Selina freed the orphans from the corrupt orphanage. And again Selina refused. Cartland grew up bitter and resentful, especially when she discovered Selina was Catwoman and living a life of luxury. How she discovered this is unknown. Cassandra trained herself and eventually became She-Cat. She sometimes also uses the alias Alley-Cat.

As She-Cat she managed to commit burglaries that rivaled Selina’s own and pointed the blame towards Selina. Finally Selina managed to track down She-Cat and discover she was Cassandra. Cassandra actually assisted in the defeat of Catwoman's enemy Cyber-Cat and immediately afterward fought it out with Selina, losing the battle. Selina switched some money for counterfeit currency that Cassandra was using for a payoff – and a “mysterious” tip off led to Cassandra's capture, although she escaped by “cultivating” a guard.

She-Cat returned again trying to sell a first edition of “Jekyll and Hyde” and brought Two Face back into Selina’s life. She assisted Catwoman in the defeat of Two Face and fought with her again. She again lost. Selina managed to keep the book and gave it to a police detective named McShane for whom she had feelings, to “play with him”.

Powers and abilities[edit]

She-Cat is an accomplished gymnast and martial artist. Her costume is equipped with long claws.