Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan

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Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness
シャイニング・ハーツ ~幸せのパン~
GenreAction, drama, fantasy, romantic comedy
Anime television series
Shining Hearts
Directed byItsuro Kawasaki
Produced byJunichi Inaba
Kuniyoshi Shigeta
Masahiro Nakayama
Masanori Goto
Written byItsuro Kawasaki
Music byHiroki Kikuta
StudioProduction I.G
Licensed by
Original networkMBS
English networkAnime Network
Original run April 13, 2012 June 28, 2012
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Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan (シャイニング・ハーツ ~幸せのパン~) is a Japanese anime television miniseries based on the PlayStation Portable game Shining Hearts for the Shining franchise.[2]


Rick currently lives in a peaceful island of Wyndaria, inhabited by humans, elves and beasts. When the red moon appears, they are engulfed in strange events.


Unlike the game, two voice actresses played each roles for Neris (ネリス, Nerisu) and Airy (エアリィ, Earii) for the series. While the girls are not sisters, they have full names. Rick is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese) and Blake Shepard (English), Airy Adetto is voiced by Shiori Mikami (Japanese) and Brittney Karbowski (English), Neris Firiam is voiced by Mai Aizawa (Japanese) and Genevieve Simmons (English), and Amil Manafurea is voiced by Kanae Itō (Japanese) and Maggie Flecknoe (English).

Episode list[edit]

No. Title
01"Welcome to Le Couer"
Rick, Airy, Neris and Amil work at a bakery store of Le Coeur, selling most of the pastries for everyone. Airy moves around town to deliver food for the children at the church. They use some butter, sugar grass and other items from the farm. When Alvin declines a bag of pastries, Rick and the girls give it to Rana.
02"The Day of the Storm"
While the townspeople return home, Airy shares a bread with a small girl. She wishes for her mother to return from working in the apple orchard. As her mother arrives, Rick and Airy return to the store. As the storm appears, the woman returns to the orchard. Worried about the girl, Airy takes a special bread for her, as a charm for her until her mother returns. As the storm ends, the townspeople rebuild the town. They realize that the elves gave a warning.
Kaguya gets washed ashore on the beach like Rick. While Hank fixes the furnace, the girls discover a mechanical doll strapped in chains at the workshop. Before paying it for the service, Rick and the girls learned that a blackout has been ordered, since the enemy warship appeared. Rick and Amil discover a magical pendant glowing at the clinic, while the female robot faces the ship in the ocean. As Rick prevents two soldiers from touching Kaguya and the pendant, he ends up remembering the past. The robot awakens and fires a beam at the ship, before becoming dormant.
04"Mechanical Doll"
While Amil is disturbed by the event, Neris and Xiao Mei learn from the fisherman that something is hidden under the sea. Hank learns that the robot can be awakened again by rebooting her internal systems. Xiao Mei decides to split the profit with Rick. They help Hank extract the large crate with the fishing engine, causing the crate to replace the machine on the ship. The soldiers then salvage the crate, taking everything and the key part Hank needed for the robot to activate.
05"As if Melting"
Amil, Neris and Airy follow Sorbet from the bakery to the mansion. There, they visit Melty, who is finding a recipe for ice cream. As Melty tastes the bread, she ignores them, even though she liked it. Melty and Sorbet arrive at the bakery to learn more about the taste of bread and all kinds of special requests from every customers. The girls deliver the bread for Melty and Kaguya. After tasting it, Melty makes a special ice cream for Sorbet and the girls to taste it.
06"Request from the Prince"
Rouna helps Rick and the girls make biscuits, before leaving the castle. They inquire the empty box and the funds for repairing the church, but Ragnus does not know about it. Rick pursues and identifies Xiao Mei as the thief, before she escapes from the castle.
07"Everyone's Heart"
Hank learns that Madera raised the girls in the island, after being washed ashore. Rick asks Xiao Mei why she is infiltrating the castle. After returning the toys for the children at the church, Rick begins to remember he started baking, instead of being a swordsman for a long time. With the furnace repaired, the girls resume the job, serving bread and tea for the customers. Amil convinces Rick to make a decision about his past, before a group of pirates arrive on the island.
08"Drifting Person"
Rick spends a few nights, visiting Flora and Dylan at the bar and discussing about his unexplained memory. After being recovered, Kaguya tells Rick that she is not afraid of their memory. Flora rejects the ship's escape route from Dylan, while Hank and Xiao Mei plan to infiltrate the castle.
09"The Phantom Thief Again"
Xiao Mei and Hank retrieve the robot's key part from the castle. As Rick leaves from collecting ingredients, the girls spend time at the picnic near the waterfall. Amil worries that Rick is still amnesiac, since he made new memories for them. Hank awakens the robot by using the key part and the robot's systems are rebooted, before she leaves the workshop.
10"Messenger from Another World"
Xiao Mei and Hank are captured and sent to prison. When the red moon appears again, Kaguya is sent to a cave by the robot, who turns out to be Queen. Dylan returns to the island to inform everyone about the return of the same enemy warship. While Xiao Mei and Hank realize their mistakes, Queen and Kaguya arrive on the ship towards the sea without the pendant.
11"The Decisive Battle"
Queen and Kaguya are surrounded by a group of lizard warriors on the ship. The leading shadow spirit appears and notices that Kaguya does not have the pendant. Madera tells Rick that he and Kaguya are drifters who came from another world, because Kaguya avoided the enemy. When the spirit captures and imprisons Kaguya in the realm, Rick decides to help Queen and the pirates infiltrate the ship, with Lufina supporting them. Rick learns that the power for the pendant he is wearing can awaken again. He heads to the warship, while Xiao Mei and Hank prepares to use a giant cannon.
12"Bread Of Happiness"
To destroy the spirit inside the ship and save Kaguya, Rick uses the power of the pendant. Queen destroys the ship under Kaguya's orders, after the cannon damages it. With the island reverted to normal, Queen and the group of pirates leave the island, while Rick resumes the job.


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