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Sunwen Xilu (孙文西路) in Shiqi District
Sunwen Xilu (孙文西路) in Shiqi District
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityZhongshan
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Shiqi Subdistrict
Traditional Chinese石岐
Jyutpingsek6 kei4
Hanyu PinyinShíqū

Shiqi Subdistrict or Shiqiqu Subdistrict is located in the center of Zhongshan city and covering an area of 49.72 square kilometers. Kei River is the mother river of Shekki district.[1] The district administers 19 neighborhood committees, and is considered the city's center for commerce and culture.[2] According to a 2006 census, the district had a permanent population of 169,400 and migrant population of 40,900.[3] Shekki District has a national-level private enterprise industrial park—Guangdong Zhongshan Industrial Park. Furthermore, the district has currently 20 commercial networks, such as major marketplaces, logistic centers, and shopping malls. One study in 2006 finds credits the district with 11767 business enterprises.[3]

Local people mainly speak the Shiqi dialect, a Yue dialect related to Standard Cantonese.[4]

Administrative subdivisions[edit]

Shiqi has administrative jurisdiction over the following 37 subdistricts[5]

Name Chinese (Simplified Chinese character) Pinyin
Baishuijin Subdistrict 白水井 Baishuijin
Mingshengzhong Subdistrict 民生中 Mingshengzhong
Nanyuan Subdistrict 南园 Nanyuan
Shizi Subdistrict 狮子 Shizi
Mazhou Subdistrict 麻洲 Mazhou
Hepo Subdistrict 河泊 Hepo
Guiyuan Subdistrict 桂园 Guiyuan
Nanxin Subdistrict 南新 Nanxin
Minzu Subdistrict 民族 Minzu
Renhe Subdistrict 仁和 Renhe
Louyuan Subdistrict 蒌园 Louyuan
Dawei Subdistrict 大维 Dawei
Qingyun Subdistrict 青云 Qingyun
Fengming Subdistrict 凤鸣 Fengming
Renhouli Subdistrict 仁厚里 Renhouli
Taiping Subdistrict 太平 Taiping
Lianfengxincun Subdistrict 莲峰新村 Lianfengxincun
Tianmen Subdistrict 天门 Tianmen
Hougang Subdistrict 后岗 Hougang
Liantang Subdistrict 莲塘 Liantang
Huiyuan Subdistrict 汇源 Huiyuan
Meiji Subdistrict 梅基 Meiji
Anlan Subdistrict 安栏 Anlan
Hubing Subdistrict 湖滨 Hubing
Xianhu Subdistrict 仙湖 Xianhu
Fuhao Subdistrict 富豪 Fuhao
Hubingzhong Subdistrict 湖滨中 Hubingzhong
Dongming Subdistrict 东明 Dongming
Lianxing Subdistrict 莲兴 Lianxing
Lianyuandong Subdistrict 莲员东 Lianyuandong
Lianyuanxi Subdistrict 莲员西 Lianyuanxi
Dongsheng Subdistrict 东盛 Dongsheng
Qile Subdistrict 岐乐 Qile
Jianhua Subdistrict 建华 Jianhua
Lian'an Subdistrict 联安 Lian'an
Yuelainan Subdistrict 悦来南 Yuelainan
Lao'anshan Subdistrict 老安山 Lao'anshan



Shiqi District is currently served by many bus lines operated by the Zhongshan Public Transportation Group Co.:[6][7]

Bus Number Start End Time
006 Zhongshan Bus Terminal - Changjiang Aquatic Park 06:20-22:00
015 Shongshan North Railway Station - Malin 06:40-19:00
050 Bo'ai Hospital - Aoyuan 06:30-22:00
061 Shongshan Railway Station - Sun City 06:30-21:30

Guangzhou-Zhuhai Mass Rapid Transit (GZMRT)[edit]

Zhongshan North Railway Station

Zhongshan North Railway Station is an elevated station on the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Mass Rapid Transit.

The station is located on Minke West Road (民科西路), Shiqi District, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, southern China. It is the station nearest to the city centre of Zhongshan.

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Coordinates: 22°32′N 113°21′E / 22.533°N 113.350°E / 22.533; 113.350