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Broad street branch.png
The Broad Street branch line in 1899
OwnerNorth London Railway
Number of platforms3
Key dates
1 November 1865 (1865-11-01)Opened
4 October 1940 (1940-10-04)passenger train service withdrawn
17 November 1941closed completely
Other information
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Shoreditch was a railway station on the North London Railway (NLR) in Shoreditch, London, that was in use from 1865 to 1940. It was situated on a viaduct between Haggerston and Broad Street stations. It should not be confused with Shoreditch Underground station (1869–2006) on the London Underground, situated about half a mile further south. It was also not the first main line railway station to possess the Shoreditch name; Bishopsgate (1840–1875) was originally given that name.

Shoreditch railway station building in 2007

Opened on 1 November 1865, Shoreditch station was served by local services from Broad Street towards Poplar (East India Road). It closed on 4 October 1940 following wartime damage (though it was, in any case, not heavily used due to declining passenger numbers on the line). Passengers conveyed by bus until ticket office and parcels office remained open until 17 November 1941.[1][2]

The line through the station was finally closed in 1986, along with Broad Street and Dalston Junction. The branch line's viaduct was not demolished and remained largely intact. The viaduct has now been renovated and reused as part of an extension of the East London Line, completed in 2010 although the station has not been reopened on this site.

The station's buildings on the corner of Old Street and Kingsland Road remain intact and are in use as commercial premises within which the original stairs to the platforms remain intact. The platforms also remained intact until they were demolished in 2005, in conjunction with the East London line extension project.


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Coordinates: 51°31′39″N 0°04′43″W / 51.5275°N 0.0786°W / 51.5275; -0.0786