Simca Type 180

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The Type 180 is an automobile straight-4 engine produced in the 1970s. It was an OHC design.


These engines (1,639/1,812 cc) were used in the Chrysler 160/180, a car also sold under a multiplicity of other names.



The 1,981 cc Type 180 was most common. It was used in various Chrysler Europe and Simca models.



2.2-litre engine in a Talbot Tagora GLS

A 2.2 L (2,155 cc) version was also built. It was first used in the Talbot Tagora. Bore was 91.7 mm (3.61 in) and stroke was 81.6 mm (3.21 in) making a very oversquare design. This engine is sometimes confused with the 2,165 cc Renault/Peugeot Douvrin engine, but the displacement of the Simca 180 2.2-litre was slightly less. Later, this engine was also turbocharged, for use in the Citroën BX4TC and Peugeot 505 Turbos as the block was stronger than the Peugeot engine.