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Simon Kenton Council
Simon Kenton Council CSP.png
OwnerBoy Scouts of America
HeadquartersColumbus, Ohio
LocationOhio and Kentucky
CountryUnited States
Coordinates40°5′11″N 82°58′52″W / 40.08639°N 82.98111°W / 40.08639; -82.98111
PresidentHon. Guy L. Reece, II
Council CommissionerBruce Boyle
Scout ExecutiveJeff Moe
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The Simon Kenton Council (#441) is a Boy Scouts of America council created in 1994 that serves members of the Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Exploring and in-school programs in central and southern Ohio, and northern Kentucky. The council is divided into ten districts with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio and additional service centers located in Chillicothe and Portsmouth, Ohio. Simon Kenton Council is part of Area 4 of the Central Region, and is named in honor of frontiersman Simon Kenton.


The Council serves 22,934 youth across its five key programs.[1] Simon Kenton Council is divided into ten districts:



Simon Kenton Council operates six camps. Camp Lazarus (40°13.988′N 83°2.713′W / 40.233133°N 83.045217°W / 40.233133; -83.045217), located in Delaware, Ohio, is the home of the summer Cub Scout resident camp. Chief Logan Reservation (39°12.655′N 82°44.221′W / 39.210917°N 82.737017°W / 39.210917; -82.737017), located in Ray, Ohio, and Camp Falling Rock (40°10.494′N 82°18.555′W / 40.174900°N 82.309250°W / 40.174900; -82.309250), located in Newark, Ohio, feature two Scouts BSA summer camps. Camp Oyo (38°43′33″N 83°9′9″W / 38.72583°N 83.15250°W / 38.72583; -83.15250), located in Portsmouth, Ohio, also hosts a Scouts BSA summer camp and celebrated its 90th Anniversary in 2016. Each camp also hosts numerous activities throughout the year. Camp Otter Run (40°18.726′N 83°36.985′W / 40.312100°N 83.616417°W / 40.312100; -83.616417), located in Marysville, Ohio, and Camp Madison Lake, located in London, Ohio, are smaller camps.

Programs and activities[edit]

Boy Scouting[edit]

There are many programs in Simon Kenton Council. Each year there are approximately 300 new Eagle Scouts.


Simon Kenton Council is one of the 7 councils to earn the 2007 Central Region Venturing Standards of Excellence Award. It has had a Venturing Officers Association since 2000. Its Officers have gone on to serve at many Regional and Area Leadership roles. Annually it provides many events for Venturers such as:

  • Venturing Arctic Weekend (VAW)
  • Venturing Midnight Ski Extravaganza
  • Wilderness First Aid Training Weekend
  • Venturing C.U.P. (Challenge 'Ur Peers)
  • Silver V
  • Camp Oyo High Adventure Camp
  • Sea Scout Rendezvous
  • Project Save Our American Resources (SOAR)
  • Annual Venturing Banquet

Sea Scouting[edit]

Simon Kenton Council has had an interesting history as the Council only has rivers and lakes for water. Sea Scouting has only existed before World War II and after the 21st Century. There were never any Sea Explorers in this Council but there have been eleven Quartermasters.

  • Robert Caldwell - 1935
  • William Hahn - 1935
  • Vann D. Smith - 1935
  • Nye Scofield - 1938
  • Rex Landis - 1938
  • Lindsay Lockhart - 2003
  • Nathan Cheesman - 2003
  • Clinton Uhrig - 2004
  • Melissa Nazareth - 2005
  • Michael Lockhart - 2006
  • Kevin Tschantz - 2006

Tecumseh Lodge[edit]

Tecumseh Lodge
Tecumseh Lodge.png

The council is served by the Tecumseh Lodge (#65) of the Order of the Arrow, the Boy Scouting program's national honor society. It is part of the C-4 section and participates in its conclave each year. Its chapters are:

  • Chief Tarhe — Chief Tarhe District
  • Kaniengehaga - Licking District
  • Katinonkwat — Tri-Creek District
  • Maka-Ina — Chief Logan District
  • Mallsannuk — Arrowhead District
  • Mwk'alaakwa - Darby Creek District
  • Newa Hanna - Delaware District
  • Shawnee — Tecumseh District
  • Tendeuchen — Buckeye District
  • Weski Nimat - Ohio Valley District

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