Sini Creek

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Sini Creek (Turkish: Sini Çayı) is a creek in Mersin Province, south Turkey.

The headwaters are in Toros Mountains to the south of Yarmasu village of Gülnar ilçe (district) where it is called Kazıklı Dere. [1] In the northern part of Bozyazı ilçe the creek is named Gökdere. With tributaries in Dereköy and Kızılca it flows to south. [2]After a waterfall around the ruins of a medieval-age monastery named Karamanastır, there are a number of artificial ponds and a low power (0.42 MW) hydroelectric plant.[3] The creek discharges to Mediterranean Sea at 36°05′56″N 32°58′24″E / 36.09889°N 32.97333°E / 36.09889; 32.97333 within Bozyazı ilçe center.


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