Sirohi National Park

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Shirui National Park is a national park located in the state of Manipur in India. It was established in 1982.[1] Among the animals that make their homes here include the tragopan, the tiger and leopard. It is here that the famous shirui lily (Lilium maclineae) grows naturally. The main peak of Shirui abounds with flowers during the monsoon and it is a veritable paradise.

A view from Siroy National Park, Manipur

The Shirui Kashong Peak near Ukhrul is a marvelous hill top view point located at a height of 2,835 meters above sea level.

A number of rivers originate from the cracks and slopes of this peak. The exotic Shirui lily flower (Lilium mackliniae) blooms on the hilltop in May/June. The flower attracts hundreds of scientists and tourists every year.

Rare birds like Blyth s Tragopan and Mrs. Hume s bar-backed pheasant inhabit the hill top.


It has dense tropical forests all over and temperate forest in the hilltops.[1]


Coordinates: 24°13′51″N 94°13′51″E / 24.23083°N 94.23083°E / 24.23083; 94.23083