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Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit
高雄捷運 MiNe-KissX 104-0666RG (3943655651).jpg
Other namesHamasen (哈瑪星)
LocationGushan, Kaohsiung
Operated by
Platforms1 island platform
ConnectionsBus stop
Structure typeUnderground
Disabled accessYes
Passengers5,697 daily (Jan. 2011)[1]
Preceding station Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Logo(Logo Only).svg Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Following station
Terminus Orange line Yanchengpu
towards Daliao
Sizihwan metro station
Traditional Chinese西子灣站
Simplified Chinese西子湾站

Sizihwan is a terminus of the Orange line and adjacent to Circular light rail Hamasen station of Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System. It is located in Hamasing of Gushan District, Kaohsiung. Its name is derived from Sizihwan, a nearby scenic area.

Station overview[edit]

The nearby TRA Kaohsiung Port Station [zh] closed after service began on the Orange Line through this station. It opened in 1908 to begin train service into the Kaohsiung Harbor area. The train station area will be turned into a railway cultural park.[2]

Station design[edit]

The station is a two-level, underground station with an island platform.[3] It is located at the junction of Linhai 2nd Road and Gushan 1st Road and has 2 exits. The station is 282 metres (925 ft) long.[4]

Station layout[edit]

Street Level Entrance/Exit Entrance/Exit
B1 Concourse Lobby, information desk, automatic ticket machines, one-way faregates
Restrooms (near exit 2)
B2 Platform 1 KMRT Orange Line toward Daliao (Yanchengpu)
Island platform, doors will open on the left for platform 1, right for platform 2
Platform 2 KMRT Orange Line toward Daliao (Yanchengpu)


Around the station[edit]


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Coordinates: 22°37′18″N 120°16′28″E / 22.621565°N 120.274516°E / 22.621565; 120.274516