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Sky Studios
BSkyB Wind Turbine, Harlequin Avenue, London 02.jpg
Sky Studios (view from the west) in Isleworth
Sky Studios is located in Greater London
Sky Studios
Location within Greater London
Alternative namesOsterley TVC
Sky Centre
Sky News Centre
General information
TypeOffices and television studios
AddressGrant Way,
CountryUnited Kingdom
Coordinates51°29′13″N 0°19′37″W / 51.487°N 0.327°W / 51.487; -0.327Coordinates: 51°29′13″N 0°19′37″W / 51.487°N 0.327°W / 51.487; -0.327
Current tenantsSky News
Sky Sports
Construction started1989
Design and construction
Architecture firmArup Associates
Quantity surveyorGleeds / Davis Langdon
Main contractorBovis Lend Lease

Sky Studios is the home studio to much of Sky's programming output.[1] The studio facilities are part of Sky's Isleworth campus, which consists of 11 buildings plus ancillary structures, with three of those buildings containing television studios. The site is also a playout centre for many of Sky's channels.

There are 10 conventional television studios on site, alongside a number of galleries and purpose-built studios for news and sports news broadcasting.

Sky Sports, Sky Sports News and Sky News all use the studios, alongside light entertainment shows such as Thronecast, Skavlan and Harry Hill's Tea Time. Previously it has been the home of shows such as Brainiac: Science Abuse.[2]

Studio facilities[edit]

The studios at Osterley are currently located across three main buildings.

Sky Studios / Harlequin 1[edit]

Originally called Harlequin 1[3], the Sky Studios building contains eight conventional studios located on the ground floor[4].

  • Studio 1 (50ft x 36ft approx) – a mixed use sports studio, used for programmes such as Monday Night Football [5]
  • Studio 2 (36ft x 30ft approx) – golf studio
  • Studio 3 (36ft x 25ft approx) – a mixed use sports studio
  • Studio 4 (66ft x 45ft approx)
  • Studio 5 (52ft x 45ft approx)
  • Studio 6 (45ft x 30ft approx) – Sky News studio (including chromakey), used for Sunrise
  • Studio 7 (35ft x 30ft approx) – used for Soccer Saturday
  • Studio 8 (35ft x 30ft approx) – used for Sky News' FYI children's news programme[6]

Studios 4 and 5 can be used together or separately thanks to a soundproof double door – combined, they are 122ft long. Due to the door runners, camera pedestals cannot be tracked over the studio join. Shows such as Thronecast, Skavlan and Harry Hill's Tea Time have been made in these studios.

Studios 6, 7 and 8 have dock doors which open directly onto an access road, whilst studio 5 has a dock door with a short access tunnel before another door opening out onto an access road. Studios 1, 2, 3 and 4 have scene dock doors which open out onto a scene dock.

There are also a number of non-conventional studios located elsewhere in the building.

  • Sky Sports News Newsroom on the 1st floor[7][8]
  • Sports bulletin studio for Sky News on the 3rd floor
  • Studio 22 – Sky News weather studio on the 2nd floor

There are six production galleries on the ground floor alongside the conventional studios, with separate sound control rooms alongside each gallery. Any studio can be controlled from any gallery. There is also a routing and distribution hub in Studio 2's former control room, and Studio 7's control room is split into commentary booths and associated technical equipment. Sky Sports News is broadcast from Gallery 6. Sky News have two new gallery facilities, PCR 21 and PCR 22, located on the second floor, alongside Studio 22, which are used to control Studio 6, Studio 21, Studio 22, Millbank and the City Business Studio. There are also a number of separate production galleries for remote sports production located elsewhere in the building.

Sky 2[edit]

Both studios share a covered scene dock but have separate production galleries. Studio F's gallery is located on the second floor, with access via a gantry from the studio floor, whilst Studio G's gallery is located on the same level as the studio. The Soccer AM (and previously, Game Changers) exterior set is located next to these studios.

Sky Central[edit]

  • Studio 21 – Sky News main daytime and evening studio, colloquially known as 'The Glass Box'[9]

This studio is currently controlled from PCR 21 on the second floor of the Sky Studios building.

Former studio facilities[edit]

There are a number of buildings previously containing television studios which have now been vacated.

Sky 7, soon to be demolished

Sky News Centre / Sky 1[edit]

Built in 2004 and vacated in early 2018, with studio facilities moving to Sky Central and the Sky Studios building. Staff who previously occupied the Sky News Centre moved to a dedicated floor of the Sky Studios building.

  • Studio A (8000 square feet approx) – former main Sky News newsroom, and previously the main presentation studio[10]
  • Studio B (40ft x 30ft approx) – previously a virtual reality studio
  • Studio C (1000 square feet approx) – formerly home of 5 News from 2005 to 2012
  • Studio D – a small interview/presentation studio

The main Sky News gallery was, until January 2018, located behind Studio A and could regularly be seen in the background of shots, alongside Sky News' Network operations center.[11]

1989 warehouse[edit]

The original 5 studios are now no longer used for television production activities, with four of them demolished.

  • Studio 1 – original Sky Sports News studio with attached newsroom. Closed in 2011.
  • Studio 2 (30ft x 20ft approx) – original Sky News studio, with the newsroom visible through a window at the back of the set. Closed in 2011.
  • Studio 3 (35ft x 20ft approx) – generic / interchangeable sports presentation studio. Closed in 2011.
  • Studio H (60ft x 30ft approx, formerly Studio 4) – the previous home of Soccer AM, and also the home of Sky One's entertainment series Braniac: Science Abuse from 2006 onwards. When Harlequin 1 opened it was renamed 'Studio H', and closed in 2012, and was then used as a scenery workshop.[2]
  • Studio 5 (30ft x 20ft approx) – generic / interchangeable sports presentation studio. Closed in 2011.

Studio H, which is now part of building Sky 7, will be demolished for the construction of the new Innovation Centre[12][13], which will also involve the demolition of the adjacent building, Sky 6.


Some productions have been broadcast from different studios, so the studios listed are the most recently used.

Sky Sports productions[edit]

Sky productions[edit]

Other productions[edit]

  • Alan Carr's Binge Watch (Studio 4&5, 2018 non-TX pilot)
  • Football on 5 (Studio F, 2015–2018)
  • RI:SE (2002)
  • Skavlan (Studio 4&5, 2017–present)
  • 5 News (Studio C, 2005–2012)


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